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Who we are

Sevenstars is an outsourcing company which dispatches driver’s to our customer on a daily, monthly or yearly-based per contract. We offer resource match to connect to our customers’ demand. Sevenstars drivers are thoroughly-trained to acquire safety driving skills, such as identifying road signs and exits, maintaining proper speed, keeping a safe following distance, driving in any kind of weather condition and to ensure professionalism towards our customers.

Company Name

Sevenstars Corporation Co., Ltd.


569 Ratchadanivet 11 Samsennok Huaykwang Bangkok 10310


02-691-6992 ~ 4

Managing Director

Yu Yasukawa


August 2018

Business Detail

Driver Dispatching Service


5,000,000 Baht

Number of Employee

120 Employee (Jan 2021)

Quality Standards

We offer excellent service and our drivers keep to time. Our clients have trust in us due to the quality service we have delivered. Our good work provides an opportunity for our customers to refer and recommend our services for better quality, flexibility based on the client’s time requirements and well-cultured drivers. We resolve any issues between our employee (drivers) and the customers immediately if any.


One of the most important concept is to take care our customer by “GENBASHUGI 現場主義” means “treating what happens on location as a priority; giving priority to the people actually involved; a focus [an emphasis] on what is happening on the 「ground [spot]”.

Message from our Managing Director

Collaboratively re-engineer integrated architectures for long-term high-impact human capital. Appropriately leverage other’s market positioning catalysts for change with cross-platform web services. Dramatically whiteboard innovative ROI for ubiquitous.

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