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Driver Dispatching Service

Immediate force (experienced person)

The drivers dispatched by Seven Stars drivers are Japanese drivers with at least one to two years of experience. Since the usage methods of past Japanese users are all different, we are checking whether the driver can be applied to your company or not.

Efficient ( The point is good )

Experienced drivers are good at dealing with driver job in the organization ( familiar and knows how to communication with your company’s local staff, way of parking stamp acquisition, waiting method, stand-by method, etc.).

The drivers know where Japanese people often go

Since our main user is Japanese, our drivers know places that Japanese people often go to, such as Fuji Super, Japanese schools, industrial zones, and golf courses.

Let’s say our drivers are advanced.

For customers whose drivers are not stable

We have customers who have experienced to changed more than 20 drivers in the past by used several local / Japanese dispatch companies. After the customer change to our driver dispatching service, now the user driver is stable. The reason please find in “Our strengths” for more details.

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